Paxton will make a wonderful companion for any family.. She’s sits nicely before leashing and getting a treat.. She has no food or toy aggression.. She gets excited playing tug rope and sometimes grabs your hand, but a firm, Easy! is all it takes to redirect her.. She loves to walk and sniffs everything. She needs a firm grip on the leash as she has Happy Bursts of energy walking, which is funny to watch.. She smiles, snores like a freight train, farts alot, loves her belly rubbed, her tickle spot is on her shoulder blades.. Her tail was obviously broken at some point and is crooked.. She does prefer not to be touched as its a sensitive spot.. She loves to retrieve, chew her tug rope, loves expecially to tug on her leash when walking.. 😁 She has a strong prey drive and was never off leash here with the goats and horses too much temptation.. Never put her face to face to sniff another dog as that’s a challenge to her. She did fine with the Littles and older dogs here, but any dog her size or bigger she goes after.. Cats may be off limits for a forever home, too.. She’s a bit nervous with someone new, but a good sniff and scratch and she’s instantly their best friend.. Loves to be beside you on the furniture, rides in the car very well mannered, crated very well, loved the Kong filled with peanut butter and dog kibble, takes a minute to pee and poop, as she’s busy sniffing..” – Paxton’s foster who loved and cared for her for 3 weeks. Unfortunately Paxton has been moved to a shelter as she did not appreciate sharing a home with foster siblings. 

Paxton is a 1 1/2 year old beauty who needs a home where she will be loved as an only dog.  What a beautiful sole who’s been through a lot in her short life.  She deserves to be the queen bee going forward.  Just look at that smile, and those eyes….!  Such a great dog.  Show her some love and she will give you all her heart.  If you would like more info on Paxton, please contact us at Underhound.  If you are already in love and know it’s meant to be, please fill out an application.





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