Hello. I’ll introduce myself in a moment but I’d like to start off by telling you that I am one of the first true dog receivers of my mom’s heart. Don’t mind my gray hairs. I’ll explain in a moment.


I’m going to be doing a whole lot of talking about myself here. But hopefully you won’t mind, because I make some good points; about the dedication it takes to really love a dog, and the impact fostering could have on your “first born” dog.

I was born in Brooklin Maine, over by Blue Hill by a breeder. I think thats where they have the other ‘manimals, like pigs and stuff that momma goes to see. I like other ‘manimals. Anyway, I don’t have bragging rights to say that I was ‘dopted through the Underhound Railroad, or to say that I’m a rescue. My bio dad and uncle picked me up as a twelve week old puppy and brought me home to my mom as a birthday gift. I was so a-scared that I drooled the whole way home to meet my mom because I had never been in a car before.


I smelled like a barn, and my new momma put me in the bathtub. I was scared then too because I had never been put into the bathtub. My mom asked my dad what my name was and I will never forget that he said: “I don’t know, she is waiting for you to tell her.” I was SO ‘cited. Mom said I needed a beautiful name, because I was such a beautiful puppy. So she called me Ellie Mae. Just look at how cute I was:

A couple of days passed, and I didn’t realize that my name was Ellie Mae. I thought my name was “No no no!”

I was chewing shoes. But my mom kept me. My mom lost all of her socks; but she kept me. One time, I even ated a whole couch by myself! Dad was MADDDDD. But they kept me. Dad started called me “Hosa-Mae” instead of Eliie Mae because they were always saying “No way Hosa-mae!” I peed in the house a little, because I wasn’t potty trained. But mom and dad kept me. They had patience and helped me learn to go outside. They would even tell me how good of a girl I was when I did it outside, and then gave me treats. I slept with my parents, and I kept them warm. Sometimes I would bark, and I still do. Mom is used to it but she gets frustrated, because I’m a hound and when I bark I can shake the dog treats right of the top of the fridge! But as much as I barked then and still bark now, mom kept me, and mom will always keep me.

Time passed and we got a new house. They kept me. Dad and mom separated. They cried, and they both wanted to keep me, but mom kept me. I am part of my mom’s family. My mom has never outgrown me, and she has never left me.

Then, let me tell you about one day. It was the first day I met a new friend, that I would get to keep. His name was Kitchi, and he was from the Underhound Railroad. (God rest his soul; that is is for another day). Anyway, Mom was going to foster Kitchi until he could get ‘dopted, but she ended up loving him as much as she does me. I wasn’t jealous of him, because I had a friend! It was so wonderful. When mom or dad went to work, we would lay on the couch together, side by side. We shared toys, and he didn’t even mind paw-me-downs.When we went for walks, there were so many new adventures to be had together, and it was unbelievable! I think we may have been wither on our way to go swimming or to get ice creams in this picture:

When mom decided to foster again (and again, and again) I simply had another friend. I was not jealous. I loved him, too. I thought he was wonderful. He lied on his back the first time he met me and then smelled my butt, but I didn’t get scared because I was so excited. I barked at him a little and he was scared. But thats ok, because in a few days he wouldn’t be. He left, because that is what happens. And then mom has to help another dog, and I am always ready. I am ready to open my heart, my bed, and my home to another one.It has happened many times, and so you see, I am not overly jealous as you would think I might be. Living with other dogs can be a really great think. It teaches me openness, socialization, and how to share my home and my toys. I have been loved so unbelievably much by my momma and I think I need to share it a little bit. Not all dogs can be as lucky as me, or as Fido who lives up the road.

I really wanted to take a minute and share with you that when you love your dogs as much as my mom loves me, you know you are part of the family. Do not worry that I feel jealous of a new friend, but instead reassure me that it is good to have friends and to share my happiness.Socialize me. Teach me love and tolerance. Take it from me. So now, you see why I may have a few gray hairs. But thats ok. And please, take a moment to think about life, and how you have to roll with the changes and still keep your dog. The one that is the first and true receiver of your heart.

By Ellie Mae, and Shaina


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