Happily Fur-Ever After Stories

Here we have some great stories from those who have adopted from Underhound Railroad and their experience with the rescue! Check them out below.

sawyer and finch aka mamboThis is possibly one of our most favorite pictures of a dog and their human siblings! Here we have Finch, formerly known as Mambo of the Dance puppies, and his little brother. Finch was rescued with his brothers and sisters from down south, and came up to be fostered in Southern Maine. The daughter of his foster fell in love with him, but she had to wait to get him since she lives in Germany. After flying over for a family vacation, she was able to pick him up, and fly him back to Germany with her! Finch is now an international Underhound, and he is lucky to have his little brother, a French Bulldog brother, and a new baby brother that was just born last month! Auf wiedersehen Finch!

This is something that bring tears of joy to our eyes here at Underhound. Bradley, formerly Tyson, was adopted this month (August 2015) after months of being with the rescue. He was a local save – his former “owner” – we use that term VERY lightly – kept him tied up outside, starved, and beaten. He was so emaciated that you could see his ribs sticking out. We managed to rescue him from this awful situation, and he was brought back to a healthy state of living. After months of being with us, he finally found his forever home with a wonderful person. She fell in love with him instantly, and as you can see, he went on quite the shopping spree with her! Here is a video of him playing and enjoying the summer. We are SO over the moon for this boy, and could not have asked for a better mom for him. Happy Tails Bradley, Happy Tails.

tyson 1

tyson 2


gretaWe have another Greta in the mix! This girl was formerly Nava, and just celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of her Gotcha Day! When she was down south, the shelter kept her on past her “date” because of her wonderful personality. They hoped a rescue would speak for her, and that we did! She came north, and then found her perfect family. She is loved by everyone in the retirement community her family lives in, and we are so happy to see that she is happy, alive, and enjoying the life she has with her family. Happy Tails Greta!!


meyer 2meyer 1
This handsome guy Meyer might be one of the luckiest pups around! When he was set to be killed in the shelter down in Georgia last year, he had been given the same number as another dog by mistake. Underhound had spoken for the other dog, and ten minutes before he was going to be euthanized, Meyer was pulled as well due to this mixup. Underhound thought it was fate, and we saved him too. As a 4-5 year old dog, we knew that he would most likely never made it out of a shelter since most people tend to go for the puppies first. He came north and was fostered for about 3 months before he was adopted by a wonderful family. His mom wrote us this:

“I just wanted to give you an update on Meyer. He is just the best dog. I love him more and more every day. He makes me laugh so hard; when I get home he runs, though it looks a lot more like hopping, from room to room like he’s so excited and he just has to get it out. He sleeps with me every night, except for just a couple when it was too hot. You see he won’t sleep with me if he can’t get under the blankets. He’s too scared at night to be out in the open because of too many thoughtless neighbors that set off fireworks way too much. So, as soon as it gets dark he goes into the closet. But the minute I get in bed he comes running out of the closet, jumps up in bed, and dives under the blankets. Then, he presses right up against me, so much so that I actually rely on him to hold me up a little when I’m sleeping on my side, plus he serves as a great heating pad on my back! He is absolutely best friends with my kitty and is very dutiful about making sure the kitty is clean. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how he is doing and how happy I am. Thank you so much for bringing us together!”

We couldn’t be more grateful for the love he is receiving. The universe works in mysterious ways, and Meyer is proof of that.

watsonThis handsome boy Watson, formerly Shiloh, was adopted recently into a loving family where he has a brother, a fursister named Bella, and loving parents who are giving him the life he so deserves. He was found in a dumpster in Rural Georgia, and thankfully ended up with Underhound. After a short time, he found his family! They sent us this picture with him and his brother Jack cuddling. Thank goodness for the love of this family for Watson!

miles formerly joey of friends litterfletcher of poet puppies

Wonderful update and photos from another happy family! We have Fletcher (the blonde boy swimming) of the Poet Puppies who was adopted back in 2013 and his brother, Miles (formerly Joey of the Friends Pups), who was adopted in 2014. These boys are enjoying a wonderful vacation on Moosehead Lake with their family, and their mom sent us this message:

“Hi Underhound! Just wanted to say thank you again for the great work you do. We can’t imagine life without our pups. We are so grateful! Here are some photos of Fletcher and Miles (fka Joey) on a recent camping adventure on Moosehead Lake!”

These happy forever family updates are what keep us going here and saving more pups!

gretaFirst off, this was the second dog we adopted, the first didn’t work out so well for us and we were heartbroken that it didn’t work. So after waiting for a little bit, I saw a picture of little Miss Greta who was coming north. Lo and behold, we now have that little fur ball and she is just a joy. We have figured out that she may be a cross between a min-pin and a border collie (thought she was a shepherd mix). She’s the perfect size and has brought her big sister, her two brothers (cats), and us joy.




achillesAaron and Andria here and we are extremely satisfied with our experience with Underhound Railroad. We saw his picture on Wednesday I believe and on Friday we had our home inspection and Aaron picked him up on Saturday. They really do a great job at making sure these pups get to their forever homes with ease. We believe we have the best little pup ever. Achilles (was Brownie) sleeps through the night in his crate and is house broken. He loves all the animals he meet though they don’t always appreciate his puppy love. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like and they all love him. He has become moral booster at work since he comes with us just about everyday and when he doesn’t everyone misses him. His foster mom did an amazing job at making him a super pup.